A Tale of a Former Prisoner.

Sweet, sweet school. When someone mentions school, most people think of lockers, pranks, cliques, first crushes, exams, and prom. At least, that’s what television shows tell us. Well, I think otherwise. I mean yeah, I see first crushes, EXAMS and maybe prom but that’s about it. Let me introduce you to my prison years.

Stale food? Check. Uniform? Check. Malicious instructors, who use their power for their own benefit or pleasure at the expense of students? Check. Double to Quadruple exams on a daily basis that slowly melt your brain into a zombie mush? CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.

Many of you will think that the last line was a joke or over exaggeration. I mean DOUBLE to QUADRUPLE exams on a DAILY basis?? Well, yeah.. no it wasn’t a joke. My school curriculum was pretty intense. By grade three students had over five exams per week, not including homework. And, just because they are in grade three, it doesn’t mean they get the easy stuff, no no. Biology, long division, science, essays, etc. Oh yeah they get it all. By grade seven you become a learning machine. Grade seven students play with electric circuits as a form of entertainment.

How do I know this? Well i suffered there just as the other kids did, a torturous journey from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Maybe it changed? No. It didn’t, it got worse. How do I know? That’s siblings for you!

I bet you’re all asking, what’s the name of this school? Here’s something for you: It starts with The International School…

Yes, that’s right. “The International School” That means its everywhere. All around the globe. Maybe you go to it, maybe your son or daughter goes to it!

Anyways, you feel the real blow till you reach grade eleven. Grade Eleven: The most feared year. School from eight a.m till six p.m on a daily basis with two half hour breaks, slowly breaks the spirit of the students leaving them as hollow masses of skull and bones. On top of that: SAT’s, O-Levels, Homework, and daily exams. By daily exams I mean four to five exams. I remember on days we had two exams, we used to celebrate. This is a conversation i would usually have:

Parent *Yelling from downstairs*: “Did you eat yet? It’s 7 p.m!”

Me: “No, not yet i just came back from school. I’ll get my food and eat here, probably watch a movie!”

Parent: “Okay! You don’t have something for tomorrow?”

Me: “No not much, just two exams. Physics and Calculus. Then I have my AP English essay to write! So yeah i have time to watch!”

Parent: “Great! Have fun.”

See what I mean?….We were so beaten down that we considered two exams (Physics and Calculus) and AP English as Nothing. Mind you, by that time we were learning about relativity in physics.

So we trudged through grade eleven. Depression, Anxiety, Weight gain, Hair-loss, etc all took a toll on us. Then came grade twelve. The Last year. The end of misery. Surprisingly, grade twelve was easier than grade eleven. Although all classes were AP, it wasn’t twice as hard as grade eleven. Well, at least for me. Now, first crushes and prom deserve their own blog posts, because believe me they are long stories.

Did I mention that from kindergarten till grade four you stay from 8 a.m till 4 p.m? And from Grade five onwards you stay till 5 p.m or 6 p.m?!

Crazy I know! But hey, guess who finds uni a piece of cake! I mean all this free time and space for a prisoner like me is paradise!


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