How to start a new year by following the rubbish lane.

People start their New Year by creating a list called “My New Years Resolution”, which believe it or not is a lie. Well, I followed that lie myself. I had everything planned out the last week of December, from losing weight to publishing my first book. Yet, things cannot and will not go my way no matter what I try. I started my year with a big slap across the face. You can say that my yearly dentist visit went from cheerful to downright disastrous. You see, I used to wear braces when I was in the eighth grade, no not because it was cool, but because I actually needed them. I had wonky teeth that needed two years to straighten out. Two years of hell. Then, came the permanent retainers, which I wear to this day. Retainers aren’t that bad compared to braces; however, after wearing them for three years one can only hope for them to get removed. As I was saying, after my yearly trip to the dentist, to hopefully remove the permanent retainers, I was thrown right into a well.

I had to get my wisdom teeth out!

Of course after watching the many, many viral videos of people high on anesthetic babbling about god knows what! I was terrified. Yet, there was no getting around it. So I put on a brave face and marched into the dentist’s office. I did some research beforehand and it turns out that most people either go on a general anesthetic or local anesthesia. I hoped for the latter, but I took my sister with me incase I became a noodle. The dentist said that I wouldn’t be removing them all together, but one at a time. Which means one every two to three weeks.

That brave face faltered.

My new years resolution got ripped apart, no shredded, nothing was left but bits and pieces of my hopes. Yes, I know I’m exaggerating. But there goes my weight loss plan.

After removing the first one, I was met with a week of swelling, painkillers, and medicines. More like a week of hell. After the first week, I couldn’t open my mouth to it’s max, so I had to wait two weeks for it to work properly again. And poof there goes January. Then poof again, there goes February. I thought removing the lower two was hell, Ha! How wrong was I. This Tuesday, I removed one of the upper wisdom teeth, other than feeling my upper jaw being ripped out, the procedure was great. And now, March will slowly poof away.

The only chord holding me up now, is that I still have one wisdom tooth left before I am free from this torture. Wisdom teeth?!…Who said that they are wise at all?


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